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Welcome to my site!

I’m new at this, and not the most technically advanced person that younger people are. But I’m an old man now as you can see above, and I thought I might share some relevant experiences I’ve had over the past half century…

My ambition at the first was as an actor, and as you can see from the top photo of myself at 30 years old, I should have had a lot of success-but, I did have a lot of hayseeds in my hair when I first arrived in California to study at the famed Pasadena Playhouse at the age of 19. That was in 1960… It was the beginning of the era of runaway production. A lot of the studios were just getting used to the idea that the heyday of large movie studios dealing only in motion pictures was having to make way for the burgeoning television industry. The only movies being seriously financed were giant-screen epics like Ben Hur, El Cid, Spartacus, How the West Was Won, etc. I used to troll along the Sunset Strip to try an find an agent.

I saw a lot of actors that were very well known on the same trip. It was then I realized what I should have known, at least a little more about the laws of supply and demand… Oh, and I was in demand, just in ways I could never get my head around. As a first year student at the Playhouse, I was approached about a party being thrown at Rock Hudson’s house in Beverly Hills. Rock Hudson!! A huge box office star! I said “Sure! There’s bound to be a lot of drop-dead gorgeous girls there, right!?”

The fellow who was inviting me to accompany him looked at me like I had just landed on earth in Hollywood from another planet! He said, “Noooo…Believe me, there won’t be any girls there at all.” “Why the hell not!?” I asked. Rock isn’t into girls…he replied. When I suddenly realized what he meant,  I was absolutely flabbergasted! Rock Hudson really was a Man’s man! In ways I could never be myself. I was as straight as an arrow, and all of  a sudden I saw that Hollywood really was a land of “make-believe” for real!

Corkscrews…. I thought.everywhere! Not many of us new to the show biz community in those days were as evolved in our thinking as we are today. What really has shocked me of late, though, is finding out how many famous names have built careers on the gay casting couch. Everyone has known about casting couches in Hollywood ever since the silents were in vogue. The show biz crowd on both coasts has always had a very liberal bent and has fought for all sorts of sexual freedom of expression in the Great World War on “Sex”. I am for that particular freedom, but I do draw the line at practices and MOs akin to Harvey Weinstein’s. I did think it was odd that two talented women like Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd should disappear so completely from the silver screen so soon after such terrific debuts. Now we all know….

And the war goes on…. Beware of those who simultaneously run with hares and hunt with hounds.

Edward Easton