About Edward Easton

Ed as looks today…

A distinguished actor, a graduate of the Pasadena Playhouse, fencing champion and master of the foil, sabre and epee, Author Edward Easton has been published a total-to date-of four times, His novels are The Wooden Sword, a novel of Ancient Rome’s Ludi Magni and it’s relationship with the Holy Land., first published in 1970 and now available as an E-book on Kindle; Two more in a series culled from Manor Books’ Time Past Editions, “The Miscast Gentleman” and “The Pirate of Hitchfield”.

Easton, also knowledgeable in the field of antique black powder weapons, including Civil War era cap and ball rifles and pistols, also recently published on Kindle “Dude” , a fish out-of-water tale of a Mississippi Riverboat gambler trying his luck on the Western frontier–and not having much of it. A gentleman of the Old School, the gambler’s sensibilities are so continually assaulted and offended he is forced to become highly accomplished as a gunfighter simply to stay alive. He meets an illiterate Prairie Circe who teaches him a lot about the meaning of life on the mining frontier of Old Colorado. Metaphorically he learns the difference between “fool’s gold” and real paydirt in a “Glory Hole”.
Two of Easton’s plays were produced in New York City at the American Theater of Actors, one of which was “Legend of the Sword” starring Jose Ferrer, the definitive “Cyrano de Bergerac” for three generations as the narrator. Ferrer first won a Tony award for “Cyrano” for the Broadway production, then an Oscar for the Movie, then an Emmy for a color television production some years later.
Mr. Easton enjoys the research as well as writing and hopes to come out with more stories soon. In the meantime, all of his books are now out in paperback on the Amazon website. And three are available as audiobooks.