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Living, dying, and everything in between…That’s what this blog is about…from as many points of view as possible that make sense in whole or in part. Life as a curse, as a blessing, as a nothing-burger, a revelation, a constant delight or a constant trial, the one percent, the other 99 percent, freedom, slavery and the United States Constitution which covers it all-or is supposed to….

    I, of course, will fall short of my goals in all of the above…but I’ve lived for a long time and learned a lot for the time I’ve spent on the planet. I’ve learned and studied a myriad stew of philosophies, religions, and strange beliefs.

   I was a teenager at the birth of Rock and Roll, or what some might amend today as “Sex,Drugs, and Rock and Roll” and equating them all as of a piece and responsible for the ultimate “Fall of Man.”

   The Holy Trinity of Rock and Roll in the middle and late fifties of the last century were Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and of course, Chuck Berry. Elvis of course occupied the top place.He was the universal choice for the King of Rock and Roll. There were those who maintained that his whole career was  “Faustian” by its very nature. He had his twenty years at the top, and then…the bill for it came due.

   Little Richard, Bo Diddly, and others kept trying to supplant that Trinity on their pedestals, but while they did not qualify for the Trinity, they were all-to a man, and a woman, qualified for sainthood in Rock and Roll Heaven. That also, of course, includes the British contingents who came right on their heels. The British-in the beginning of the era, worshiped all of the American gods, but then it wasn’t long before the Beatles supplanted almost the whole American crowd of Rockers, with the Rolling Stones eventually outdistancing everybody from that era, especially in terms of longevity. What other small group of 70 plus year-olds does anyone know who can sell out giant arenas.

Oh yesss… I was forgetting the “Donald”… but I can tell you this: if some well-meaning individual had sent me front row tickets to a Trump Rally and I had seats that same night way in the back for the Stones… You can imagine what I might do with those Trump tickets if I had occasion to visit the men’s room at the concert. Those giant arena rest room stalls are always out of paper…